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5 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting My Blog (+Resource List for Quick Blog Growth)

be your own tech support coaches memberships start a blog Dec 23, 2020

Table of Contents

What I Wish I Had Known
A little History
1. Blog Writing Coaches
2. Mindset Coaches
3. Other Coach Types
4. Blogging Besties
5. Blog Tech and Membership
It Takes a Village

Oh my goodness. There are so many programs out there today for bloggers. Everyone is talking about writing coaches, mindset coaches, tech coaches, memberships, and all the things. 

But which should I start with? Do I need them all? Do I have to have them at all?

The answer to this is yes...and no...


What I Wish I Had Known

I wish I had known more about coaches in my early stage of blogging. I started out with a well-known massive blogging program that had a structure, but little else. There was no real community other than a massive Facebook group that had lots of backbiting and superior attitudes. 

I felt alone, I felt unworthy, and I felt dumb.

A little further down the road, I discovered coaches. Now, coaches are not for everyone. And not just any coach is for you.

There are coaches that teach blog writing, coaches that teach mindset, and coaches that teach the tech side (ah-hem, yep that's me). I want to talk about a few of these. 

Just because you know how to write, and even write stories does NOT mean you know how to write a blog. Gone are the days of simply throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it sticks. 

A little History

When having a blog first came about a few years ago, it was a lot of "Mom" and "Single Girl" blogs. A person could literally write ANYTHING and it was golden.

Some of the best blogs out there started this way. But keep in mind, just because they started that way, doesn't mean they ended up that way.

That mindset and technique simply don't work anymore. A little further down the road, and people started having "niches". Meaning they started putting their blogs together in a more logical way.

No more were they writing about anything and everything. To get noticed by Google and others, the blog posting had to be more in a subject area or niche. That was still a broad category and Lifestyle blogs came to be. 

Lifestyle blogs wrote about everything under the sun and called themself "Lifestyle". That worked for a bit, then everyone got in on the Lifestyle and, once again, it became very crowded and hard to get noticed. 

Today, the trend is more "niching down" or getting things down to one area on your blog. You can still be broad in the sense that "blog writing" is niched down from blogging in general, or blog tech is niched down from tech or blogging in general. But the general consensus is that if you want to add another subject, add another blog entirely.

But that's a topic for another day. So let's break it down a bit to the things I wish I had started with. 

1. Blog Writing Coaches

Again, Just because you know how to write, and even write stories does NOT mean you know how to write a blog.

Blog writing is a learned skill. You have to understand a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a little writing flow, and a whole new way of formatting

I thought I was a great writer. I was taught in high school and college how to write. I can put together papers, including footnotes! Go me! 

Guess what? Has NOTHING to do with Blog Writing.

Papers and articles for news writing are totally different. For one thing, those are usually quite boring. 

Blog writing has to be a combination of things. A little humor, your personality, and some facts, ideas, thoughts, and dreams even. But to write so that you are noticed requires a special skill. 

My friend, Kelly Thoreson, at Blogfiti is such a Blog Writing Coach (who is also my personal Blog Writing Coach). She not only has Coaching at a very reasonable price, but she has a FREE 25-point "Bangin' Blog Checklist" that is unbelievable. Check her out at Blogfiti. Highly Recommended. 

2. Mindset Coaches

I have to admit, when I started blogging, the thought of a "Mindset Coach" made me laugh.

I thought to myself, "Who needs that? I'm a strong, independent woman. I don't need no mindset!". And.... I was wrong.  

Having a blog can be such a lonely affair. Not only that, but you second guess yourself constantly, asking questions like:

  • “Am I doing it wrong?”
  • “What should I do next?”
  • “Will I ever make money?”
  • “Which is more important, products, or blog posts?”
  • “Why is SHE getting all the traffic and I’m not?”
  • “Shouldn’t I be further along? She is.”
  • “I’m just not capable of making a lot of money.”

...and many more questions just like that. 

Having a Mindset Coach can help you work through this to make you a more positive leader. Most mindset coaches also have a wonderful community that is going through the same or similar mindset issues as you. 

My favorite two mindset coaches are Faith Mariah and Natalie Bacon. Both have a unique perspective that compliments each other. 

Faith has a wonderful free Facebook Group at Blogging Breakthroughs, as well as courses at her Portal. In addition, her Mastermind is the best investment I ever made. Read all about it at The Mastermind with Faith Mariah.

Faith is a high-energy, detailed level Mindset Coach that has brought me through several mindset breakthroughs. I no longer doubt whether or not I will make money, nor do I doubt my methodology of business and blogging.

I still have lots of other doubts, though, that Faith helps me work through. I highly recommend Faith

Natalie Bacon is fairly new to me. She’s not new in the industry, though. She has tons of free workshops on Money Mindset that are absolutely wonderful.

I also learned she has a Membership Group called Grow You at a very reasonable price that can help you work through many money mindset issues.

She is every big as “exciting” as Faith, but a little calmer in nature. Absolutely just as effective. 

No matter who you choose, go get their free workshops before you do. Listen to their methodology. Listen to their energy. See what fits. Not all Mindset Coaches are the same, nor do you resonate with all Coaches. Find the one that fits you and your personality. 

3. Other Coach Types

There are a few other coaches and blog sites that I highly recommend and I wish I knew when I started blogging.

People like Mike Pearson, Stupid Simple SEO and Neil Patel, Ubersuggest, who are both brilliant on SEO; and last, but not least, Kate Doster's Love Your List Course and her eMail Listies are the best source (and course!) for building eMail Lists

4. Blogging Besties

I also have “blogging besties”. I have developed several new friends since joining the mastermind and BlogFiti. Here they are and why:

Paulette Erato, Petite Font

Though she is definitely my blogging bestie, Paulette has a very unique site and take on life. I love just talking to her and listening as well. Lately, she introduced the Chingona Kitchen on Instagram and her blog, Petite Font. There, she makes fabulous non-alcoholic and alcohol recipes. I think my favorite is her Puerto Rican Coquito. 

Paulette is all about what she calls the “Maker” in all of us. You see, she feels that we ALL have a “Maker” inside of us, no matter what we make… crafts, blogs, tech stuff, whatever. 

Her first book, Benchmarks are Bulls*t, is one of the best new books I have read. It is the book I wish I had read in my twenties. I bought several copies and sent them to all my young adult grandchildren and even learned a few things myself! You can get a copy here

Watch for her new adventure, Girl + Fire, coming soon.

AnnMarie Bryant, Scrapbooking with AnnMarie

A wonderful friend and blogger, AnnMarie is hilarious and sensitive, and all the things. She brings laughter and calmness. AnnMarie blogs about all things Scrapbooking at Scrapbooking with AnnMarie. Lately, AnnMarie has been building her “She space”. Yes, I said building. I talked with her yesterday and she said she was hanging sheetrock. 

When she’s not hanging sheetrock, she can be found on her blog at Scrapbooking with AnnMarie.

Kelly Adams McKillip

Not only is Kelly a blogging friend, but she taught me to cook. Seriously! I’ve gone 62 years without really knowing (or wanting to know) how to cook. My husband cooks, both my sons' cook (one is an actual Chef), my daughters' cook, and my Mother cooks. Why do I need to cook? So I never really learned. 

Kelly is a Nutrition Coach. An awesome nutrition coach. Being from the south, everything I ate was fried. If it ain’t fried, it doesn’t get eaten often around here. 

Kelly introduced me to the 12 Day Whole Food Detox. Now I’m hooked. I learned to cook some incredible meals, all healthy, and to watch what type of food I’m eating. She can keep the daily detox drink, though, as effective as it may be. Lol. Joke's on Kelly for that one. 

I hear she may have some great stuff coming out at the end of the year and another round of the 12 Day Whole Food Detox. Find out about it here

Jen Baucom, The Best Version of Her

Jen brought out the “woo” in me. I always knew I was a little “woo”, you know, yoga, new age, candle, and crystal lover, but I never really advertised it nor thought about it much (other than Crystals...they are still my go-to).

Jen is all about wellness and taking care of your mind, body, and soul. She has several courses as well as an incredible course on …. I learned all about Chakras in her course and have a much better understanding of how my mind, body, and soul all work together. It was a great addition to not only my Blogging Besties, but my mindset work. Learn about her blog at Jen Baucum Wellness.

Sandi D and G, All Things Relax

Blogging friends Sandi D and G come as a package. Lol. Literally. They are partners in life and in business. I learned everything I needed to know about podcasting and sound from these two. 

In addition to being great friends, they bring another aspect of tech that compliments mine. Sandi is a brilliant podcaster and interviewer and helps me understand the world of podcasting. G is a sound engineer. No really!

He was a sound engineer for many well-known bands that you probably have heard of. He helps me understand microphones, sound, headphones, when to adjust sound, and when to leave it alone! 

These two are wonderful friends that I would not have met if not for blogging.  

Sandi blogs at All Things Relax. They have a Podcast called All Things Relax, and their course, Introvert's Guide to Rocking Your Podcast is well worth every penny.

Check out her interview with a certain blog tech coach, ah-hem, me.

Kelsie Bentley, Simply Bentley

Kels is a wonderful hairstylist turned blogger that looks at my hair and says “OMG”! Just kidding, really, although she did offer to set me an appointment for next a State three states up from me… so it would take me 30 hours to get there. So what? She’s worth it. 

But seriously, Kelsie blogs at She is an incredible blogger and friend that writes about Personal Development and Self-Care. She has some great free stuff that you can get plus she developed “The Spark Method”. It’s an awesome 5-step method for getting unstuck! See it here The Spark Method

Crystal Michelle

Oh my goodness. How do describe my friend, Crystal? She’s hilarious, a wonderful mom to 6 kids, a brilliant homeschooler, and just an all-around great friend. She’s also a copywriter and a Blogger. Crystal always has something brilliantly funny to say that lifts my mood no matter what. Her kiddos are a source of amazement and hilarity. 

But her best claim to fame comes from being a fellow blog-name hoarder. We have a group. We buy blog names when it suits our fancy and pretty much never use them. It’s a sickness. 

Crystal is an awesome copywriter that I couldn’t live without. Whenever I need some text for a title or a description for something, she comes through quickly, even if she just woke up! (Side note, I tend to get up around 4:30 or 5 am. She’s not even thinking about waking up at that time.). And speaking of great for titles...that brings me back to …

Kelly Thoreson, Blogfiti

Yes, that one. The one I mentioned earlier in this post. Not only is she my Blog Writing Coach, but she is also a great friend. She can whip up a title or phrase so quickly it makes my head spin! 

She’s funny, very supportive, and a joy to work with. 

5. Blog Tech and Membership

After all that, I probably should talk about my area of expertise. You see, I’m Your Fairy Blogmother. I help everyone with their blog tech. I like to teach people how to be their own tech support and say goodbye to the overwhelm and frustration of the tech side of blogging. 

Your Fairy Blogmother makes the tech simple for you. We teach you how to maintain your blog site and all the technical aspects of your blog with the show and tells, workshops, live and recorded sessions, and much, much more. 

In fact, we have a Membership opening up December 26, 2020. It’s called “Be Your Own Tech Support Membership”. It includes:

Blogsite or Website   

Our self-help sections include videos and documents that take you step-by-step through the processes of setting up, maintaining, and operating your blog.

The Talking Library    

Containing videos, live and recorded, co-working sessions, tech talk group brainstorm sessions, and more. 

Student Lounge    

Community Group that learns and helps each other. Interaction with students without leaving the training site. 

Exclusive Help Desk     

Ask specific questions about issues you may be having. Answers are discussed during Live Q&A or Zoom sessions.

Advanced Integrations    

Teaching you how to make your website talk to others such as Zapier, email Providers, Custom Domains, Teachable, etc. 

Group Q&A Lives, Zoom    

One-hour Q&A Live sessions every two weeks. Live Zoom call once every month. Live popups as time permits. 

Ability to Apply for Member Quick Fixes

Done for you things like Plug-in installation, one-time maintenance, integrations, analytics, and CSS edits, available at $49 each with membership. 

Membership is currently $49/month until January 1st. That price is locked in as long as you hold the membership. After January 1st, the price will be $99/month

Want more information? Go to Your Fairy Blogmother

It Takes a Village

As you can see, it takes a village to blog. I couldn’t do what I do without the love and support of all these folks and many, many more. 

So enjoy life, have a great day, and 

P.S. If you want to become a part of Your Fairy Blogmother’s Facebook Groups, go to: 





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