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How to Use Video to Grow Your Blog (Beginner's Guide For Non-Techies)

be your own tech support seo start a blog video Feb 18, 2021

Are you ready to turn your blog into a video blog?

How about putting videos on your blog?

Will you be the next big Video Blogger?

I noticed a trend over the last year. It’s all about video. Of course, the pandemic helped that with Zoom meetings, etc. But I’m talking about video content. Here’s what I’ve learned:

In 2021, the average person will watch >100 minutes of video every day. Wow. Now, this fact was projected in 2019 and did not take into account Coronavirus, so I suspect it will be more than 100 minutes a day.



What should your website include?

According to most experts, in 2021, your website should include:

  • An “80% video1
  • Product and Services videos.
  • Cost and Pricing, video (for larger organizations or consultant projects)
  • Customer Journey
  • About me or Bio Video
  • Landing page Video

The 80% Video

The term 80% video was coined by ImpactPlus. Suffice it to say, they are talking about a video that includes many things and can be combined to 7-8 minute maximum video. I consider this a video blog.

For example, as a Video Blogger:

  • Brainstorm the most essential products or services you officer.
  • For each one, collect the most common questions and answers that are asked at the first meeting.
  • For each question, record a video about 1 to 1-½ minutes long.
  • Combine all the videos to make one long video. Place the individual videos on each product page, the long video on your front page as a video in blog.

Product and Service Video

The Product and Service Video is more about whom the product is NOT for, more than who it is for. Should be less than 5 minutes. This idea helps you get your ideal audience or customer.

As yourself these questions to help you write your script for the video blog:

1. What is my product or service?

2. When would it be a bad fit? When would it be a good fit?

3. When should someone buy my product or service? At what stage of their journey.

4. Why do they need it?

5. How much is it?

6. How or where do they buy?

If you have more than one product or service, you should make a video for each one.

Cost and Pricing Video

In cost and pricing videos, you want to educate your customer on the factors that go into your cost. As I said, in my opinion, this idea is more for consultants, program managers, etc. This idea helps you with a very strong call-to-action.

Think about the criteria that determine your cost. You might want to think about giving a demonstration, like a walk-through quote explaining what each item is and that you use the finest materials, or the longest customer service, or warranties, or what have you.

Customer Journey

I think this is one of my favorite parts. Think Testimonial. Instead of someone writing you a testimonial, interview them on video. Have them be the focal point of the video with you off-camera. Ask them how the product/service helped them. Let them ramble.

In editing, pick out the best parts. Put a beginning on the video of you saying something like “To show you just how well our product works, let me introduce you to … “ then add the testimonial video. Add an outro at the end, very quickly.

About Me or Bio 

Every website should have an About Me or About Us page. While I think a video is extremely useful on this page, I also think a Bio video or combination is better.

According to Impact, you should do a Bio video for each employee that will be encountered. For example, if you are a sales company, a bio video of the top salesman, or each salesman could be useful.

Personally, if you are a small company or owner/company, the About Me should include Bio parts. What you are looking for is specifics that make you an expert in what you’re doing. For example, in my case, my Bio should include the industry certifications I have, or years of working in the industry, courses I have taught, etc.

Video Blog Most Important Tip: Use Video on your Landing Page and Home Page

You should ALWAYS have a short video, 3 minutes or less, on your home page. What's more, every Landing or Sales Page should have a short video. This video should describe all the talking points about your website, blog, or sale.

In the case of a sales page on your video blog, you should let them know what happens when they submit… how many emails they will get, they can unsubscribe anytime, they will receive a link to download whatever, etc.

Live Video

So do we still need to do live video? Absolutely. There are many types of live videos that I recommend. You should do each, all, or a combination of these in your Facebook groups, your Facebook Page, Instagram, or any other social media you might have. You can also link them on your webpage after the fact. This is still part of your video blog.

Types of Live Video

  • Live events broadcast simultaneously to many platforms (simulcast)
  • Interviews
  • Show and tell how your product is created (great for crafting, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Host seminars or Courses - Weekly Short Tips
  • Host a Critique or Discussion
  • Q&A
  • Introduction to new stuff
  • Set your customer expectations
  • Crowdsource feedback
  • Offer customer service, troubleshooting, help session
  • Give Status Updates of anything new or upcoming
  • Run a contest
  • Show a “Behind the Scenes”

Above all else, show your fun side. Live videos should not be perfect. They should show your fun side, even errors now and then.

Video Podcast

The latest and greatest appears to be Video Podcasts. These are simply podcasts, with video. They work exactly the same. The audio is also available as a separate podcast. You can have playlists of video podcasts, episodes, etc. YouTube is probably the best platform for these.


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