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10 Reasons to Use WordPress for your Blog + Which Version to Use

start a blog wordpress Mar 31, 2019
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You have heard so much about WordPress, I’m sure. We will dive into the reasons to use Wordpress, but first, let’s talk about the two versions. So what’s the difference? vs

In a nutshell, with you do not own your website or content. It is a commercial site (thus the .com) that hosts your site for free. So what’s wrong with that? You don’t own it. For example, you may create a site on that’s called You put your heart and soul into the content. Someone comes along and buys the domain Now, all search engines go to the commercial site instead of yours! In addition, you can’t run ads, or get sponsors, or make any money on the site.

One other reason to use WordPress...If you EVER think you might want to monetize your site, you need a site. Here, it is simply an application. (That is free). However, you own the site, domain, and pay for hosting. If you ever want to move to another domain or hosting site, you can take your content with you. See more about setting up hosting and WordPress by going to Blog Tech Training.

Now let's talk about the Reasons to Use WordPress

1. The First Reason to Use WordPress...It's Easy to Install

Most hosting companies offer an auto-install option. Just click the button and off you go. If you don't already have a hosting company, see my post

2. It's easy to customize

There are many options for customization including Themes (how it looks) to Plug-Ins (functionality). These options are both free and paid, depending on your levels. Start with a basic theme and a few plugins (see my post here)

3. Awesome Support

Among the many reasons to use WordPress is support sites. There are so many support sites for WordPress it boggles the mind. You can find free support, or even paid support. Depending on the level of support you need, whether you want to be completely hands-off or want someone to just help a little, the support is usually affordable. OR you can get training and DIY. We offer Free and Paid training, depending on the depth you need. See what's available or coming soon here.

4. Easy to Update

Updates are easy to install. It almost updates itself! Plug-ins will notify you when they need updating as well. No need 6o download anything, it simply works.

5. More Reasons to Use WordPress? Easy to backup

Backups are easy to perform. Your site can be restored in minutes. You can even migrate from one site to another if you change your mind about the site name.

6. SEO Friendly

It is search engine optimized. The tools available in WordPress automatically guide you to getting good optimization for search engines. I recommend the RankMath Plug-in. It's free.

7. Safe and Secure

WordPress has built-in spam control as well as the ability to use Akismet (free plug-in) for controlling spam. In addition, the use of JetPack or other plug-ins helps protect your site from viruses.

8. Easy to Maintain

WordPress is low maintenance, mostly updating itself. You can add, delete, or modify plug-ins in minutes, sometimes seconds.

9. Allows Different Media Types

WordPress allows you to upload png, jpg, and other image files, as well as pdf and word files.

10. And the Final Reason to Use WordPress...It Just Works

The amazing thing about it just works. You can setup a WordPress site in minutes and be posting your first blog post in a few minutes. No fancy editor needed, you can use the built-in editor. Want to edit and write on the go? Use the WordPress app.

While there are many intricacies with WordPress, we won’t go through them in this post. However, check out my blog and you’ll see several deep dives for installing, updating, and, any other features and plug-ins.

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