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Paid Online Events Using Facebook Business

ads making money social media Feb 24, 2021
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Paid Online Events

Let's talk about paid online events. You may have already been and participated in one or two. They are usually around $50-$100 and offer some type of specialized training.

BUT with the pandemic, lots and lots of people are using Facebook paid online events or unpaid events.

Facebook Paid Online Events

You can use several methods for an online paid course, but the simplest is usually Facebook paid online events. You can go live right in your event/group for the paid event. People interact through comments and reactions. This is really the ONLY method if you have a large audience, in my opinion.

Facebook even has an app called "Live Producer" you can use to set it up, similar to setting up a live event.

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In this way, you set the price, you do the training, Facebook collects the money and deposits it into your account.

It seems things are changing on Facebook Business to try and compete with other streaming options. 

What that means is that if you were to do a Facebook Webinar, and asked customers to pay, Facebook waives any fees! That could save you some money! 💸💸

You could use this for a simple paid event, like a simple class on something for $15 even. Short, sweet, get money.

Maybe you have an opt-in that you want to a simple class, charge $10 or $15 for the live video and get the opt-in free!


How do I create a Facebook Online Event

To create an online event:
From your News Feed, go to Events.
Click + Create New Event.
Select the type of event and click Next.
Check the box next to Online Event.
For Event Format, choose Link or Other.
Add details about your event.
Click Create.


What is a paid online event for Facebook?

According to Facebook, by combining marketing, payment, and live video, paid online events meet the end-to-end needs of businesses. Pages and Groups can host events using Live Producer on Facebook Live to reach broad audiences, and paid events for more personal and interactive gatherings

Am I eligible to Monetize with Facebook?

You can check your availability 


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An Idea

I'm thinking of doing a wordpress dashboard walk-around and what to worry about for $15. Does that sound like a plan? Who wants to join? Let me know in the Facebook group if you're interested.

Hey also, checkout our latest post about Blogging Coaches. OMG these are sooooo great!

So go! Make videos and charge money! Have fun! Do you want to practice first? Feel free to practice in our Facebook group. Your Fairy Blogmother 





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