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Considering a Move to Kajabi, Now is the TimeĀ (+ FREE Basic Setup)

kajabi migrating to kajabi Jan 06, 2022
Purple background, Considering a Move to Kajabi

From January 5-18, 2022, Kajabi is having a special offer. If you sign up during that time, you get a 45-day trial. This is incredible! Their normal trial period is 14 days!

Sign up for Kajabi’s Idea to Income 2022 training and get your 45-day trial + FREE Basic setup from Your Fairy Blogmother ($599 value)!

Kajabi Idea to Income 2022 Training will focus on:

  1. Price Your Offer
  2. Package Your Offer
  3. Launch your Offer

Let's talk about Kajabi and see what questions most people have asked me.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform

Everything you would ever need for a website / blog / membership group / course / program / coach in a single platform. You can create products, landing pages, marketing emails and automation, websites, blogs, perform analytics, and create a community. You can have recurring, one-time, split, or full payment options! EVERYTHING. No more having to go to 7 different programs to get your offer out.

Your Products Look Professional

Kajabi has made its mission by creating polished templates that attract premium pricing! You can create courses, membership sites, podcasts, bundles, coaching programs, podcasts, newsletters, and anything else you can imagine. You can also have multiple products to create multiple income streams.

What about Selling?

Making it easy for customers to pay, you can offer one-time payments, trial periods (you say how long), installments, and subscriptions PLUS one-click upsells, and tripwires.

If you can dream it, Kajabi will help you sell it with premium templates!

It's expensive. Why would I want to use it?

Are you sure it's expensive? I recommend you add up all the external things you pay for besides just hosting. Then add your hosting costs. Is it less expensive than Kajabi? Usually not. It feels expensive because it's not piece-meal. Besides, it's SO worth it.

I am a new blogger, should I get Kajabi?

Well, that depends. Are you ONLY a blogger? Do you offer products? Or a membership group? 

If you ONLY have a blog, probably not. While we would LOVE to have you in Kajabi-land, if your goal is not to ever offer products or membership, then you will want to stay with your current system. In my opinion, having just a blog would not be worth the cost. 

One of my websites is just that. It's still on WordPress. However, if I ever offer any products, to Kajabi we'll go!

What about the setup? Is it hard?

Not really. It isn't difficult. But it is tedious. If you miss setting up a few things it can create issues down the road.

However, if you sign up for a 45-day trial between today and the 18th and I'll do your basic setup for free! That's a $599 value!

That way, you can JUST CREATE. 

I will be migrating from WordPress. What's that like?

There are a lot of steps to migrating to Kajabi from another platform. I have a migration checklist you can download for free that will help you determine what the steps are. 

In the near future, we will offer a "Migrating to Kajabi" course. Watch our social media for dates!

Sign up below. Don't worry, if you sign up twice you will still only get one email! The beauty of Kajabi email!

Get the Migration Checklist here:

Kajabi Migration Checklist

Sign up for the Kajabi Migration Waitlist here!

What's Next?

If you will be migrating to Kajabi from another platform, you'll want to download our Kajabi Migration Checklist. This Checklist will guide you with all the steps in the migration. 

Need more help? Sign up for the waitlist for our Migrate to Kajabi course, starting again soon.

Sign up for Kajabi’s Idea to Income 2022 training and get your 45-day trial + FREE Basic setup from Your Fairy Blogmother! (A $599 value!)

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