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Blog Coaches, Are they Worth It? + Masterminds

be your own tech support coaches start a blog Oct 27, 2020
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Blog Coach, why do I need one?

Hey you guys. I've been working with an awesome Blogging Coach for the past few months. Faith Mariah is awesome! My business has moved in several directions and has finally settled. I am still with Annie Richardson Consulting, but I have three new adventures as well!

True Crime Diaries

True Crime Diaries is all about True Crime stories. I work hard to blog about the story behind the crime while paying reverence to the victim of the crime. Also, there are definitions and terms available to help you understand the legalese. We have articles and videos available.

True Crime and Woo

True Crime and Woo is an extension of True Crime Diaries. True Crime and Woo is a podcast, as well as a site within True Crime Diaries. On this site, we have meditation, crystals, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. The purpose of this site is to help you get rid of any negative energy after the reading, hearing, or watching True Crime. I could never have dreamed of this site without my blog coach, Faith Mariah.

Your Fairy Blogmother

Of course, Your Fairy Blogmother is my blogging mastermind and all about the tech side of blogging. I began my blog with Annie Richardson Consulting. That's where I began with my blog coach. There are several things coming up for Your Fairy Blogmother that I think you'll like as well.

My Favorite Blog Coaches 

Blogging Breakthrough Mastermind

Faith Mariah has several epic programs. In addition to the mastermind, she has a Blogging Breakthroughs Academy (previously the Blogging Blast Off).  🎉🎉🎉

She is the best coach and this is more than a course. It's a massive resource guide for you to use while you're building your business. 🎊💻🎊

Basically, it's everything she has learned by investing over $30,000 in life, blog coaching and business coaching over the last three years and I put it all together in one place for YOU.

Get details here!



Blogfiti's Blog Writing Round Table

Kelly Thoreson at Blogfiti opens her Blog Writing Round Table about once a quarter and it fills up quickly. Check out all her offerings, courses, and free stuff at Blogfiti.

Kate Doster's Email Courses

Kate Doster is the QUEEN of email marketing. Her courses range from the Email Marketing Fairy to the larger course Love your List Master Course. Check out her courses by clicking on the images below. 










Attract and Activate Mastermind

Meg Casebolt at Attract and Activate Mastermind is more than just blogging coaching. Meg helps website owners to strategize their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for best performance with Google. Meg is one of my very favorite blog coaches and I have grown so much just following her guidelines.

I've been participating in the beta of this amazing course from Meg at Megabolt Digital. it's her mission to help heart-driven entrepreneurs showcase what makes us wonderful by teaching us to actually show up in google searches, instead of throwing blog spaghetti at the wall, hoping people will just KNOW how amazing we are.

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone BUY THIS COURSE! 

With Meg's help I was able to stop spinning my wheels, and start actually making the simple changes I needed to make to my website and my content plan!

Attract and Activate

Don't forget my own Mastermind. . .

Be Your Own Tech Support

If you've got big goals, it can be so frustrating when the tech turns into big roadblocks and slows your momentum, or even stops you altogether!

You're a smart person, but this website stuff is new to you and when you can't make the tech work... sometimes it leaves you wanting to smash your computer asking:

Why does it feel so damn hard?!? 🤦🏽‍♀️

And why is this all taking so long to set up 😖

And OMG what do I do now?🤷🏻‍♀️

Your Fairy Blogmother 🧚🏼 is here to help! 

Join the Be Your Own Tech Support Mastermind Membership. Click below for details:





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