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Moving website platforms can be a challenging task. Our Migrating to Kajabi Course will help you tackle all the things needed to successfully migrate to Kajabi. Course Opening Soon!

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What I Do

As a Kajabi expert and WebDev professional I help online business owners learn how to kill it using Kajabi. I also provide strategy services, opening soon.


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Past Problems Solved

Paulette Erato,

"Annie is a tech QUEEN. The moniker "fairy blogmother" is absolutely fitting. She'll fix ALL your tech problems and you'll wonder what the heck you did with yourself before you met her!"

Kelly Thoreson,

"Annie has made my blogging life so much better!

Like many bloggers, I was sold on the idea that blogging was super easy. When I was hit with the reality of a steep tech learning curve, I felt overwhelmed and defeated.

With Annie's help, I have learned so much! Being able to navigate and troubleshoot the tech side of blogging myself has saved me so much time, frustration, and money.

On top of that, Annie is just an all-around wonderful person. She is warm, caring, and funny as hell.

She has talked me off of many, "tech freak out" ledges that could have derailed my productivity for hours or days. Instead, I talked it out with Annie and got back to blogging.

Thank you so much, Annie!"

Jen Baucom, The best version of her

"Annie is fantastic and has been so extremely helpful for my business and blogs. She has helped me numerous times with the back end tech and finding the solution fast!

She really listens to what your tech or blogging needs are and she will go through step by step (including video, screenshots and immediate troubleshooting) to make it easy for you.

She truly is your Fairy Blogmother and you need her in your life ASAP!"

Nice to meet you!

I am Your Fairy Blogmother.

I am a Kajabi expert and WebDev professional who helps online business owners learn how to kill it using Kajabi. I also teach how to migrate, design, integrate and more.

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